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2nd Food Integrity and Traceability Conference (ASSET 2014), incorporating QSAFFE international scientific session (lectures, posters, etc.)

Organised by Queen's University Belfast, Belfast, UK


Workshop for Regulatory Laboratories

Organised by EC-JRC-IRMM, Geel, Belgium


Workshop for Industry Representatives on Quality and Safety of Feed in Europe

Organised by ICT Prague, Brussels, Belgium

Latest News

Elliott Review – Final report published, recommendations accepted by UK Government

- The review is published by DEFRA, and is available on: publications/elliott-review-into-the-integrity-and-assurance-of-food-supply-networks-final-report


- Safer food through better monitoring of animal feed


- QSAFFE Co-ordinator to lead independent review of Britain’s food system


- New regulations prevent disruption to feed imports.


- Radiation concerns for Japan's beef supply


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Recruitment Opportunities

Queen's University Belfast, Institute for Global Food Security Recruitment

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The rearing of healthy European livestock is highly dependent on the provision of high quality and safe feeds for these animals. This in turn has a major impact on the safety of the entire animal based food chain. The concept of QSAFFE is to deliver better, faster and more economically viable means of ensuring the quality and safety of animal feeds in Europe.

The Ultimate Goal

To provide Europe with a framework for improving the quality and safety of animal feeds entering at ports from outside the EU as well as products produced within Europe.

Who's Involved

The QSAFFE consortium is composed of academics and government scientists with substantial experience in animal feed quality and safety research along with industrial companies who are dedicated to supplying and producing safer and higher quality animal feed products.

Together, our vision is an integrated approach to the reduction and management of chemical and microbiological contamination in animal feeds in Europe.

The concept of this project is to provide better ways of preventing contamination, preventing fraud, identifying and assessing new risks and providing scientific evidence of the risks of transfer of microbiological and chemical contaminants from feed to food.

QSAFFE partners

Queen's University Belfast (QUB) -

RIKILT Institute of Food Safety

China Agricultural University (CAU) -

Provimi Holding BV (PROVIMI) -

Federal Institute for Risk Asseessment (BfR) -

Vysoka Skola Chemicko-Technologicka V Praze (VSCHT) -

Walloon Agricultural Research Centre (CRA-W) -

The Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) -

National Institute for Publich Health and the Environment (RIVM) -

John Thompson and Sons Ltd -

European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (JRC IRMM) -

QSAFFE members

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